Shigeo HORIE

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Born in 1957 Nagasaki,JAPAN
Graduate School of Photography in 1982 in Osaka (Osaka College of Visual
Arts present)
Free activities begin at public utility association,
Public Interest Incorporated Association Japan Professional Photographer's
Society (JPS)members.
Public Interest Incorporated Association The Photographic Society of Japan 

I am continuing taking a picture of a work on the theme of "a message from gods" from 2000 in Kagoshima Yakushima.
The 300th day per year will go into woods , and when healing of an animal and a plant and severity are felt from experience, my essential Yakushima can be seen.
Moreover, woods and an inhabitant's concerned history are also old and, as for mountains, there is "prayer" in the depth of the heart as a domain of God. Woods have a close relation and cannot separate such a prayer.
I am pursuing "a mountain, woods, water, and a person" by the document.
This work is Village place in which people live.
It is a target that I will hold a private exhibition in Arezzo in the near future.

Gasho ITO

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1957 born in Wakkanai, Hokkaido. Graduated from Waseda University.
After college, advertising agencies, through the photography studio, an independent freelance in 1985.
Model, food, and advertising photography as well, which lay emphasis on fine art photography.
Small theater, mime some photos with a focus on the stage, many have taken.
Working as a life bird of the city "wild", and released in France in 2009.

The International Exchange of photographers : Representative
Public Interest Incorporated Association The Photographic Society of Japan(PSJ)
International exchange committee.
Public Interest Incorporated Association Japan Professional Photographer's Society
(JPS) members.
Public Interest Incorporated Association Japan Advertising Photographers'
Association(APA) members
The Japan Society for Arts and History of Photography members

Previous major exhibitions:

May, 2012 "Italy Japan Photo Exchange exhibition, " Art space Eumeria,
Nihonbashi ,Tokyo
September, 2011 "Arezzo & Fotografia, " Arezzo ,Italy Circoro Artistico
May, 2011 "Italy Japan Photo Exchange exhibition, " Art space Eumeria,
Nihonbashi ,Tokyo
September, 2010 "Art and Nature, " Padova, Italy City Museum & Gallery
April 2010 Exhibition "living with the environment, " Korean Cultural Service Korean
March, 2010 "HAIKU and PHOTO exhibition " with Mr. Kazuto Ohira, Gallery 1/f
Ocyanomizu, Tokyo
March 2009, "Exploring new creative Japanese Art", National Arts Centre, Castres, France



Hiroyuki KUDOH

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Born in 1968. In 1990, self-published photo book in Hokkaido [moment of dazzling light], published the following year, organized a photo exhibition of the same name. 1992, began his career as a photographer after graduating from School of Commerce, University of Meiji.   While shooting interviews in Japan and overseas to write for magazine advertising publications, magazines and pamphlets, Hokkaido, northern (Michikita) Sakhalin [Russia] been taking, and has been around a photo exhibition and presentation of the work . Currently, "Historical Research Wakkanai city" revitalization areas involved in heritage conservation as a member of Wakkanai. Providing travel photos to brochures, Scandinavian Tourist Board (Denmark Sweden, Norway) and courtesy to the deep involvement in the tourism industry. Public utility association Japan Professional Photographer's Society (JPS) members.

"Photo book"

1990.07 [] [co-published by the moment of dazzling light MITSUMURA publisher]
2002.08 at [blank] ~ space 8 time ~ [Weekly] building new life
2011.12   "Hokkaido Abolition Local Line Photograph Collection "Railroad of Recollection"" Publication (Published by Hokkaido Shimbun Press)

"Photo Exhibition"

1990.11 ~ 12] [moment of dazzling light (at New Aoyama Gallery)
2002.08 ~ '03 .01 8 [air time ~ space 8 time ~] (at Wakkanai, Hokkaido / Yokohama / Tokyo / Saitama New Urban Center)
Yomiji ] [? 2005.12 (gallery & space Fannane)
2006.04 "Wakkanai × Sakhalin Exhibition" sponsored by Wakkanai [SAKHALIN × WAKKANAI] [events] (Sansutorito at Kameido Toukyou)
2006.10 ~ 11 [to Sakhalin ? - from the sky when Michikita 8 ~] (chart at Ginza Art Gallery)
2007.12 "photo exhibition of historic buildings Karahuto Wakkanai" [the event organizer] [Wakkanai SAKHALIN × WAKKANAI] (Wakkanai City Library at
2008.12 "Exhibition History Research Wakkanai city" [sponsored by] Wakkanai, the northernmost railway in the event [-] - TEMPOKU-SEN of nostalgia (at Wakkanai City Library)
2009.10 "Exhibition History Research Wakkanai city" [ TEMPOKU-SEN of nostalgia, the northernmost railway] (Sapporo Migoien  Building at -203)
2010.07 "JPS2010 new member Photo Exhibition"(in Shinjuku "Sirius")
2010.09 ? 10 "Northern Hokkaido" (in the lobby Meziro Chinzanso Tower)
2010.11 "AURORA in Norway" (in JAZZ CAFE cafe removed)



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