Kei Kosa

Vegetable fantasy

Vegetables are represented by most of the work taken in Japan.
Birds, insects, fish, mountains, sea, and all other objects have changed human vegetable.
I have a glossy texture and vegetables, came up to make this work have been fascinated by bright colors.

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Exhibition history

Exhibition "Bunraku form Yanrong Lover" in 1997, Fuji Photo Salon in Tokyo
Exhibition CG PICTURE "Vegetable fantasy" Konica 2002 Tokyo Salon
"Vegetable fantasy" Year 2004 Agora Gallery in New York
"Illusion" vegetable vegetables Museum in Saitama, 2005
"Vegetable fantasy" 2007 Photo Canon Salon, Tokyo
The Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum Bunraku * photos about 7,000 copies, to Waseda University Collection


Born 1940
Tokyo College of Photography
Laboratory Scenario