Gasho Ito

Stage of the live but what is in effect what they are spectators there is also an instant casual birds, GASHO ITO and amazing performance in that audience that, and when you see that picture, the audience is also my Remember the joy and happiness tasted the same. (Koshi Odashima Anglicist)

pIto053RiverTokyo2008 pIto059HanamizukiTokyo2009 pIto061ToulouseFrance2009

1957 born in Wakkanai, Hokkaido. Graduated from Waseda University.
After college, advertising agencies, through the photography studio, an independent freelance in 1985.
Model, food, and advertising photography as well, which lay emphasis on fine art photography.
Small theater, mime some photos with a focus on the stage, many have taken.
Working as a life bird of the city "wild", and released in France in 2009.

public utility association, Japan Professional Photographer's Society (JPS) members.
public utility association, The Photographic Society of Japan(PSJ)members.
Japan Advertising Photographers' Association(APA) members
The Japan Society for Arts and History of Photography members
The International Exchange of photographers:Representative

September, 2010 "Art and Nature, " Padova, Italy City Museum & Gallery
April 2010 Exhibition "living with the environment, " Korean Cultural Service Korean Embassy
March, 2010 "HAIKU and PHOTO exhibition " with Mr. Kazuto Ohira, Galleryf 1 Ocyanomizu, Tokyo
In March 2009, "Exploring new creative Japanese Art", National Arts Centre, Castres, France