Shigeo Horie

Yakushima emigrated to 10 years, the forest and the forest to play, a masterpiece of human attention to water and nurture plants and animals
Island-specific themes of faith, every day a new commitment to unparalleled」

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Born in Nagasaki in 1957
Graduate School of Photography in 1982 in Osaka (Osaka College of Visual Arts present)
Free activities begin at public utility association, Japan Professional Photographer's Society (JPS) members.
Member public utility association, The Photographic Society of Japan(PSJ)members.

1998 moved to Yakushima, just plain 10-year plan in 2000, "Yaku" has been taking work. 300 days a year into the nearby woods, in the long axis of Yakushima "natural" by facing, and when you feel the severity of skin healing in animals, may come into view.
The long history is also involved in Yakushima islanders and the mountains and forests, the deepest areas of the gods as "praying"may.
2011 will be presented as a compilation of works taken 10 years.